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Who are we?

Advanced Gas Application AGAP is an maltese company composed of a team of world class technicians with three decades of experience designing and building innovative CNG compressors for fueling natural gas vehicles. The introduction of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles has provided an entirely new application for gas compressors. The problems of oil shortages, poor air quality and high energy costs have contributed to the importance of natural gas as an alternative to crude oil based fuels.

As a transportation fuel, stored natural gas must be compressed for an increase in energy density. The compressor is used to boost the pressure of natural gas and is the primary equipment of the compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station.

Our Products

  • CNG Compressors

    AGAP compressors are type used is the multi-stage reciprocating piston compressors.


    AGAP storage system is designed to be adaptable to the storage needs of each station because it consists in a set of cylinders assembled...

    Priority Panel

    The Fast Fill CNG type refueling station has the compressor filling one or several large pressure vessels...

    Fill Posts

    AGAP manufactures a variety of fill posts for high-volume trailer or bus filling as well as low volume time-fill systems...