CNG Compressors

AGAP compressors are type used is the multi-stage reciprocating piston compressors. Compressor sizing ranges from 37 to 315 installed power (kW). The general design of CNG compressors resembles the high pressure air compressor but with some important differences.

AGAP offers two compressors series: the AGAPW and the AGAPV. The AGAPW has three connecting rods and four, three and two stages of compression. The AGAPV has two connecting rods and three, two or one stage of compression. They develop power from 55KW to 315 kW without modify the main constructional details but by simply acting on the stroke, rpm and clearance pocket volume, consequently with an extreme standardization of the components:

Main features:

  • The discharge pressure can vary from 248 bar to 344 bar;
  • The suction pressure is free so as to exploit the pressure of the pipelines at the best and reduce the compression costs to the minimum possible. The suction pressure may vary from 0.1 bar up to 200 bar. Therefore compressors suitable to suck both from pipelines and trailer;
  • Seals PTFE / PEEK and then with the possibility of running dry (oil free);
  • Crankshafts interchangeable with different crank radius in order to be able to develop medium speed compression also very low and develop high power (up to 400kW in fact, connecting rods, bushings and crossheads that can push up to 5000 kg) and be coupled directly to motors up to 1800 rpm without interposing gears or belt drives which increase both the costs of initial installation and the specific energy consumption for the compression.