Automatic CNG Dispensers

The AGAP250 dispenser series are designed and manufactured with high quality materials and they are complete with removal panels for a simple maintenance.

The tubing and valves size is studied for very high flow rate and all the dispensers are tested and accurately calibrated before to leave the company.

The position of the safety components guarantee a maximum safety during the refueling operations. The strong material used perform high durability.

Our dispensers are designed for one, two or three pressure inlet line and can be configured with single or double hose.

  • Dispensers for cars refueling up to 40 Kg/min
  • Dispensers for bus refueling for high flow rate up to 100 Kg/min
  • Dispensers for trailer refueling for very high flow rate (number of mass flow meters and filling nozzle depending to the exactly flow rate required from client)


  • Stainless steel cabinet with removal panels
  • Mass flow meter (accurate to ±0,5%)
  • Electronic control head
  • Manual emergency isolation ball valve