The filter is designed to clean gas or air before it enters equipment that require clean mediums to operate properly.

It prevents paint chips, dirt, pipe scale and some moisture from reaching the equipment that it is protecting. Filters should be instal led, operated, and maintained in accordance with international and applicable codes and regulations, and CO.ME.CA. Srl instructions.

FA0985 - P.E.D. CATEGORIES AND SPECIFICATIONS FA0985 Series (closing flanged)

TYPE Temperature Filter Element Category Fluid group
FA0985 standard temperature version MAX 1x3075-XP / 2xG1 III 1
FA0985-90 standard temperature version MAX 1x3075-XP / 2xG1 III 1
FA0985-NPT standard temperature version SEPARATOR VERSION III 1

Maximum diameter Type FA0985 / FA0985-90 FA0985 - NPT

Type Flange (bar) Pressure Max (bar) Pressure mark Hydrostatic test (bar) Pneumatic test (bar)
FA0985/FA0985-90 ANSI 150 18 18 26 7
FA0985/FA0985-90 ANSI 300 40 40 57 7
FA0985/FA0985-90 ANSI 600 85 85 127,5 7

Temperature minimum/maximum allowable (TS)
Standard Version: -10 / 60°C