Priority Panel

The Fast Fill CNG type refueling station has the compressor filling one or several large pressure vessels.

The natural gas vehicle (NGV) then refuels its on board tank from the pressure vessels. In this way, refueling flow rates are maximized and independent from compressor capacity.

The AGAP manufactures Three Bank Priority Panel with multiple valves to control the flow of discharge gas from the compressor to a series of storage pressure vessels. The pressure vessels are divided into three banks with each bank having one or more pressure vessels joined by a manifold. The three storage banks are designated the high, medium and low banks, with the high and low banks having the highest and lowest filling priority respectively. The compressor operates to maintain maximum pressure in the storage banks through the priority panel by filling the high bank, medium bank and low bank in turn.

If all storage vessel banks are depleted in pressure, most priority panels shift all compressor discharge flow to feed the refueling vehicles directly.

Indicative Picture